A wholesome family band creating not-so-wholesome music.  


Welcome to the home of The Kunins. Father, Ken Kunin, and daughter, Lily Maia Kunin, make their debut into the world of folk and Americana. A duo of a 55 year old father and a 19 year old daughter may not be the typical format filling today's charts, but their unique sound and combined perspectives gives The Kunins a different story to tell. 

Ken aka ‘Dad Kunin’ made his 10th studio album with his daughter ‘Lil Kunin,’ which was her first. Ken's experience fronting multiple bands and writing hundreds of songs compliments Lily's fresh eyes on music and songwriting and her classical background. 

In their creative journey, genre and arrangement have been areas of interest. They've dipped their toes into country, with their debut single Working On It, rock with Every Single Bump Along The Way, and indie with Asbestos. However, they always come back to Americana and folk, finding that an acoustic set up of harmonies, guitar, and keys, best serves their purpose. 

This makes The Kunins best heard live, with haunting harmonies and captivating performances. Music is meant to be enjoyed by real people, in real venues, not just played through a streaming service. If you are interested in reaching out to The Kunins for live performances please do not hesitate to email or reach out via their social media.