After hearing The Fixer series part One and sharing the music on We here in Scotland are looking forward to the next 2
series of the fixer in the near future, The music and inspiration cannot
only be heard but it is felt in the very depths of the heart. This album not
only demonstrates the love of music but the love of life itself.
Murray Mcintosh
Super Sound Radio UK
If you are a fan of rock, if you are a fan of country blues, if you are a
fan of great music - well then you will not want to miss an opportunity to
check out 'I Am the Fixer' by Ken Kunin &The Crooked Sky.
Three decades of music writing and performing has led to 'I Am the Fixer',
and part one of the release does not disappoint. The sound of the tracks can
only be described as deep, passionate, melodic rock that will move through
you in waves and give you goose bumps.
The music is as eerie and moody as you would expect from a film score where
the main character fixes old goods and bad people.
If part one is anything to go by, the releases of two and three will be
worth waiting for, so watch this space!
Billi Milovanovic
Blog of Bildo
Ken Kunin & the Crooked Sky have an intriguing double story happening with I
am the Fixer Part 1/3. It reminds me of the edgy tracks with Pink Floyd's
The Wall which gives that same nervous feeling. The tracks are clever and
diverse while still being coherent. The songs have deep level and meaning
with complex melodies, harmonies, and rhythms whiles still being very
listenable for a main stream audience.
Peter Richter- Brisbane Audio Services
Ken Kunin & the Crooked Sky's latest release (I am the Fixer - Part 1/3) is
so real and powerful that you can hear the truth in it. This band makes
amazing music!
Jo Jo Jenkins 99.7 Bridge FM
Ken Kunin & the Crooked Sky I am the fixer Part 1/3 is an achievement of
cinematic proportions. It flows effortlessly from song to song and scene to
scene. You find yourself hooked into the story of The Fixer making his way
through life.
Jordan Merrick
Brisbane songwriter and recording artist
Wow does this album burn bright in faithful hands. Emigrating from Australia
after decades of California living, Kunin displays all his skills as a
writer, artist, performer and producer. This guitar driven sound (Think late
70's Neil Young)is wholly complimentary to the intent of the lyrical aim and
intent that pushes Kunin out of his past element and into new sonic
territory. The songs are tight and the vibe is right. Give it a listen from
beginning to end. You will be better for it.
Bruce Burchmore
Film maker and musicologist
Ken Kunin & the Crooked Sky I am the fixer Part 1/3 what a joy to work on. A
great collection of intelligently written songs performed honestly. The
project treads the fine line of vintage 70's with the freshness of the
current era.
Tony Jack Mantz
Deluxe Mastering
Kunin impresses with his song writing and production. Give it a listen and
see why his music is well loved by fans of many genres. I am the fixer part
1/3 continues Kunin's journey.
Bartholomew Green
Presenter 2REM Radio NSW
Ken Kunin's latest album is a cohesive performance infused with DNA from
British classic rock and West Coast psychedelics. The Hollywood schooled
cowboy has flourished matured his compositional skills down under and
delivers expertly crafted sonic cornucopia. Ken Kunin & the Crooked Sky are
gritty yet mellow while being classic yet innovative.
Angelo Metz - International recording artist