Ken Kunin

Ken's latest project began in 2022, when him and his daughter collectively decided to form The Kunins. His musical story however, began long before that. Let's take a look at what he's been up to over the years. 

Ken Kunin & the Crooked Sky started to take shape soon after Ken Kunin released his Living in Wynnum album. It dawned on Ken that he needed to be able to create the album's sound convincingly live. While this undertaking actually took a few years to really cement, it finally came to life in March of 2018. This is a rock band with a dark junk country blues undercurrent. After many configurations it finally found it's flight with Ken Kunin on lead vocals and guitar, Mike Kearey on lead guitars and backing vocals, Jon Merigan on drums and Ken's brother in law Greg Sharp on bass. When you listen to the bands recent album I am the fixer, you will hear that they are heavily under the influence of Pink Floyd, Badfinger and Towns Van Zandt. They can be quiet one moment and unbelievably urgent and powerful the next. All members have at least 30 years of professional experience and frankly it shows. Musicianship and taste are highly important but even more so is the need for the players to play to the song itself. The band itself is mostly located in the Bayside of Brisbane Australia other than poor Jon the drummer who commutes from Redcliffe. Have a look below at a few individual details on each member.    


10 Quick facts about Ken Kunin: Ken Kunin was born and raised in Los Angeles. He started his musical career while in Tucson Arizona with his band Mere Mortals in 1989.After graduating University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in East Asian studies, Ken moved back to LA and was the front man and songwriter for Mere Mortals, Jet Jaguar, Davis waits as well as solo projects. With Davis waits, Ken wrote and recorded the song Senorita which ended up number one on a few alternative charts. At that moment in time, it put a great big smile on his face because it knocked a Limp Biscuit song out of the number one position. While Ken was recording and touring, he also owned and operated Side Door Management and the boutique indie label Underhill Recordings. Ken had the great misfortune of releasing his album Attachments on 9/11. This led to Ken moving from Los Angeles with his wife Kathy and relocating to the sleepy suburb of Wynnum where he currently resides. It is here in Wynnum where Ken also owns and operates Revolution Fitness which is now entering it’s 17th year. After a fair bit of chaos and turmoil 6 years ago, Ken returned to song writing and producing and released The Life of Goodbye which was not promoted but acted as an important creative diversion after being completely out of the industry for a decade. In 2016, Kunin released the 6 song EP called Living in Wynnum. The title track and especially the video did very well at radio both locally and throughout Queensland. In 2017 Ken started and co-created and produced the show and online platform On Song International which features songwriters and original music from around the world. Ken still acts as a presenter for On Song International.2018 and 2019 have been all about I am the fixer which is a screenplay that Kunin created and co-wrote. This is a tale about a fella who happens to fix things that people disregard for council pickups and happens to be an occasional hitman. The soundtrack was written, produced and performed by Kunin with his band Ken Kunin & the Crooked Sky. It took Ken 3 years to concrete the band members. It was worth the wait. Of all the accomplishments in Kunin’s now 50-year adventure, the thing he is proudest about is being a loyal husband and loving dad to his 14-year-old daughter Lily Michael Kearey AKA The Scientist  -Favourite guitar - 64' strat Plays lead, atmospherics. Mike has roots in Brisbane bands that have come and gone, played in blues and rock and roll cover bands, but also has a long history of contributing to original music since high school. He has another musical passion being a fan of Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins, inspired by his Uncle (Guitar Playing) and his father's record collections as a child. He can be found at all hours of the day and night picking out solo acoustic tunes for fun and recreation.  Jon Merigan started playing drums at a young age. He loved jamming with father playing all the classics from the 60s and 70s. Jon’s musical  idol growing up was Phil Collins and taught himself the drums purely by relentlessly playing to Collins songs til he mastered them. Never having had formal lessons, he relies totally on listening to the song which has enabled him to bring great timing and dynamics to his original projects.   Greg Sharp brings over thirty years as a professional bass player, singer  and lead guitarist. He has toured Europe and Australia in bands such as the Fun Addicts, Hemi and the Cadllacs, Edith Strategy, Lucy, The Live Room, The Chagalls, and the Ozkas. Having co-written, recorded and released material with a number of these bands, Greg has achieved significant commercial success and credibility within the industry. Greg also toured Europe extensively as Stage Manager and Guitar Tech for the band, Headswim who played large festivals such as Reading and T in the Park. Before moving to Qld, Greg owned and ran his business Bondi Guitars retail and tuition. He now lives in Brisbane with his wife and cat.